Sep 13, 2014

Chapter 11

I pray to Allah to strengthen my heart and to bless my life. 

That when He actually sends an unstoppable tests including where I learn who my real friends are it really breaks me apart. Like you discovered those first good impression wasn't exactly real. Or when they actually blames you for their low marks. Or when idk they used you? 

It is hard to actually live in the world where you need to have something so people will look up to you. But lol what was I thinking this is the real world. You need to have at least good attitudes . And good marks. And good judgment. And hurm not selekeh? 

However, I am really thankful to learn all of these hardships and discovering who will be there for me during my low at this young age during my college years. That when it is bounds to happen again in the near future, I can at least stop to think "oh wait, this has happened before! I know what to do now." 

Quote a friend of mine; "God gonna slams you hard and breaks you to pieces. Not because He hates you, or despise you. Because He is going to pick the good and beautiful pieces up and build a better you"

Sep 12, 2014

Chapter 10 German

Stressful month!! Exam dah dekat. And I can't even study properly. Ergh. Takut. Deutsch. Lagi takut. 

The things with writing an essay is: I CANNOT WRITE ONE WITHOUT GETTING LESS THAN HALF MARKS. Or at least half. I hope so. 

I can't even write karangan bahasa melayu, what's more in English. Amd you have no idea how bad my Deutsch is. Oh God this is actually scary.

Okay so a little bit on how German paper for AS Level works. It is divided into three papers. The first paper is not entirely a paper. It is what we call "oral assesment" . Divided into three parts, teil 1, teil 2 and teil 3. In teil 1, students are supposed to be presenting fluently in German on their chosen topics based on the themes given by CIE . And no, students cannot bring notes alongside them. Next is teil 2, a Q&A session. The last part which is teil 3 is almost similar to teil 1. But it has to be competely different than the theme chosen in teil 1. Alright I need to rephrase this : students need to be fluent in German through out the assesment. (Scary) there, much better. I guess.  ._." (I can't remember what is the total marks for paper 1)

Moving on. 

The second paper, papier 2. Is subjective papers. Two texts and 5 (mother) questions. Which I assure you it have so many subquestions. The first three questions are related to the first text.  The fourth question is related to the second text. And the fifth question is summary and opinion, or zussamenfassung and Meinung. Students need to write 140 words essay. It can be 60 words opinion and 80 words summary or 50 words opinion and 90 words summary. Whichever suits best. The total marks will be 75. 

And the last one! 

Papier 3. Which is... Yes, related to the photo attached. Essay! 5 questions with 5 different themes will be listed out. And students will have to pick one and try their best to answer with minimal grammatical errors as they could. The recurrence themes are war and peace, rural and urban areas, free times and I can't remember what is the other two.

So, what do I need to at least obtain?

E!! Which is  I don't know I think I need to pray harder right this moment onwards. 

Wuhu. Wish us luck. Wish me luck. >.<