Aug 17, 2014

Chapter 5

Laying out plan for upcoming examination in October (trial will be around at the end of next month) 

I swear to God jotting down the number is more than enough to leave me half-alive. 

Your lecturers can sometimes kill you . asking me to get A* when my attitude is far from a good student's attitude. Tak boleh ah nak setiap malam study. It wear me off quickly T.T I can only focus for 2 hours before everything seems blurry and baamm! Fall asleep. 

But then, I just have to aim for the best. Aim low and you'll get low marks. Aim high and you'll surprise with the result.

Whatever it is, tajdid niat kita. Sesungguhnya aku belajar kerana Allah, dan segala amalanku kerana Allah, semata-mata. 

Inshaallah, with the right attitude and the right momentum, we'll succeed :) 

Let's do this !! 

Aug 12, 2014

Chapter 4 AS Result Day

August 12, 2014

Mr Ngan saw me taking selfie

"That girl took our photo"
"Oh who is that?" Ask ms maz. 
"Well ms Maz I had to do it now, I don't want to take photos of me crying my heart out"
"Well Wafa, you will cry afterward."

And I swear to God what she said was true. Alhamdulillah for everything because I know I screwed shit the hell out of me during the exam. Not to mention the consistent cracking under pressure and lots of depressions followed by shivering in the night. 

52 of us obtained all As, congratulation ! 

Let's strive for all As !!